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Chris van Tuinen  (conductor) Leanne Glover (oboist)

Torelli – Concerto Grosso

Bach – Concerto for Oboe d’Amore

Mendelssohn – String Symphony 12

Nielsen – Suite for String s

Saturday, 22 April 3pm @ Perth Town Hall

Sunday, 23 April 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Rudolf Koelman, Rebecca Glorie, Lucas O’Brien, Rachael Aquilina, Madeleine Antoine, Teresa Vinci (Violin)

Vivaldi – Concerto for 4 Violins RV580                                                                                      Bach – Concerto for Violin & Oboe                                                                                              Bach – Concerto for 2 Violins                                                                                                    Elgar – Serenade                                                                                                                            Grieg – Holberg Suite    



Utterly brilliant! Loved it. The best FCO has EVER played! Well done! Martine

Hello Hans
We thoroughly enjoyed the FCO concert yesterday.  This performance was outstanding; the richness of sound and the crispness of the playing was truly at professional standards, and you produced beautiful – at times sublime – music.  Showcasing so many of the violins demonstrated the depth of talent in the group, and Rudolf Koelman did a splendid job in drawing this out.   This orchestra just keeps getting better and better.  Our congratulations to all.  It is certainly well worth the one hour trip we make each time to hear the FCO perform in Freo Town Hall (which we also love!) Best wishes
 Alan & Rosemary

Dear Hans and Nat,

Tim and I were totally stunned by the amazing performance on Sunday. How is it that FCO always exceeds our high expectations?  Rudolf was a delight as were the other guest soloists. The orchestra played brilliantly and the encores were enchanting. It was quite a long program and each piece was wonderful. It was hard to pick a favourite.

Our friends also felt very moved by the music. We all went home with new CDs. Tim and I are enjoying the Prokofiev very much.

Tim and Diane

Hi Hans,
I absolutely LOVED the concert on Sun. Congratulations to all. I always feel so heartened when I see the Fremantle Town Hall bursting at the seams with enthusiastic FCO supporters. Rudolf, as always, is a sheer delight to listen to. I really enjoyed Rebecca’s playing as well.
Thanks for bringing such wonderful music to all of us.
Hope you’re well and happy.


I absolutely LOVED the concert on Sun. Congratulations to all. I always feel so heartened when I see the Fremantle Town Hall bursting at the seams with enthusiastic FCO supporters. Rudolf, as always, is a sheer delight to listen to. I really enjoyed Rebecca’s playing as well.

Thanks for bringing such wonderful music to all of us.

Hope you’re well and happy.




Christopher van Tuinen  (conductor )
Louise McKay (cellist)

Dvorak – Notturno
Haydn – Cello Concerto 2
Beethoven – Symphony 4

Saturday, 19 November 3pm @ Redemptorist Monastery
Sunday, 20 November 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Dear Fremantle Chamber Orchestra, Thank you for such a fresh, joyous and energetic concert yesterday! I have been away from Perth for about a year and have just got back from Europe. As you know, European cities are filled with chamber concerts such as yesterday’s, but I’d just like to say, the energy in yesterday’s concert was top notch. I especially enjoyed the strength of the lower strings. It is very rare to have such a strong and solid viola section – yours yesterday were certainly not shy! For a section of three they were gutsy! I did find the second violins lacking in the Beethoven and Dvorak, but the violas and celli certainly made up for that!! Bravi!! and what a beautiful wind section. Again, thank you. I really enjoyed this concert! Oliver

Hi Hans, As always, I loved the concert. I thoroughly enjoyed the concerto. Louise Mc Kay certainly played with musicality, elegance and style. Great. What pleasure you and the FCO have brought to so many people over the years. You just keep getting “ betterer and betterer”. Thanks a lot , Hans. Cheers, Michelle

Thanks to everyone who helped make this concert possible. Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and each piece was a joy to hear. We loved the beauty of the Dvorak, the amazing virtuosity of Louise McKay playing Hayden and the expert performance of FCO playing Beethoven. Congratulations all.
Diane Mary Johnson

Louise was brilliant! Margie Hoogland

Christopher van Tuinen  (conductor )
Shaun Lee-Chen (violinist)

Respighi – Ancient Airs and Dances 
Mozart – Violin Concerto 3
Haydn – Symphony 83 “The Hen”

Saturday, 24 September 3pm @ Redemptorist Monastery
Sunday, 25 September 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Hi Hans Congrats on a convincing set of performances yesterday. The acoustic at the new venue was exemplary. Good to have free parking close at hand! Ian Abbott

Dear Hans, Congratulations on yet another fine concert today. The ensemble playing of the orchestra was outstanding and the concerto was also most enjoyable. Best wishes, Chris

Thanks for notices re FCO Concerts and for the beautiful concert in Fremantle Town hall last Sunday.

Always a special treat to listen to FCO. Best Wishes Lorraine E.

Hans Another fabulous concert last Saturday at the Redemptorist Monastery . Louise is one of our favorite cello players. Cheers James and Anna

Ollivier-Philippe Cunéo  (conductor )
Sally Boud (violist)

Haydn – Symphony 44  
Hoffmeister – Viola Concerto
Cunéo – Le Verre Siffleur
Mozart – Symphony 29

Saturday, 23 July 3pm @ Perth Town Hall
Sunday, 24 July 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Hi Hans, What a fabulous concert yesterday. I enjoyed every note, and by your happy expression (when you weren’t concentrating on the tricky bits!!), so did you. Ollivier was certainly able to get the best out of the players. His enthusiasm was infectious. I’d particularly like to mention Ollivier’s piece, “Le Verre Siffleur.” It was so atmospheric, lyrical, evocative, absorbing and moving. Some of the orchestral colours reminded me of Vaughn Williams and Delius. I sincerely hope to hear more of his compositions in the future. He is indeed a very talented composer and I hope he’s able to get whatever support he needs to develop his great creative potential. It was heartening to see so many people in the audience. Thanks again, Hans. Cheers, Michelle

Wonderfully alive performance yesterday.I was particularly moved by the Haydn and Le verre siffleur. Thank you and the whole orchestra. Rachman Mitchell

Dear Hans concert was superb. Tony

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
Robert Gladstones (horn), Francesco Lo Surdo (horn)

Haydn – Overture Armida
Rosetti – Double Horn Concerto
Schubert – Symphony 5

Saturday, 16 April 3pm @ Perth Town Hall
Sunday, 17 April 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Ollivier-Philippe Cunéo  (conductor )
Rudolf Koelman (violinist)

MozartSymphony 31 
Prokofiev – Violin Concerto 2
Cunéo – Between Two Moons
Farrenc – Symphony 3

Saturday, 20 February 3pm @ Government House Ballroom
Sunday, 21 February 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Good evening Hans, This afternoon’s recital, Fremantle Town Hall, Ollivier-Philippe Cuneo – Conductor/Composer. Hans, I am not a musician! (I do not have any instrument tuition at all). That said, this afternoon’s recital and the presentation of the original composition of Cuneo’s (Between Two Moons), after interval was an absolute musical journey of sublime retreat! I am including John Adams in this communication – not to denigrate or belittle Ollivier-Philippe’s composition; but rather to enhance and venerate his composition! There was several compositional passages that were wondrously  John Adam’s “like” but not necessarily John Adams replication!  Cuneo’s composition was a superb gift to the recital, standing singularly aloft from its peers of 21st century! (I had the good fortune to be present in the Perth Concert Hall for the presentation of John Adam’s  “A Flowering Tree”) and “lounged” in the Luna (Leederville) for The Mets HD presentations of Nixon In China and Doctor Atomic; it was many years of earnest listening that allowed me to awake to the likes of John Adams and to have the presentation this afternoon of Cuneo’s new work (Between Two Moons), was most enthralling and most enjoyable. Hans, do you mind passing on my thanks to Ollivier-Philippe Cuneo when next you communicate with him I really did appreciate his music! Regards, Peter Fogarty.

FANTASTIC concert, Hans. I loved every note. Well done. Rudolf, as always, was marvellous. Cheers, Michelle 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Last night Concert was fantastic. I feel the whole audience felt the same. I loved the Ollivier-Philippe Cuneo ‘s Between Two Moons.  Very stirring, Maisie Vaughan.

Dear Hans, My friend Malcolm Hay and I thought the FCO concert last night was just fabulous. Kind regards  Patricia Gurry  XX

I was absolutely captivated by Rudolf’s playing. It’s remarkable that someone of that calibre is prepared to come all this way to share his gifts with our musical community, and to do it every year! The second movement of Prokofiev was definitely the highlight for me. Clare

Dear Hans and Nat, Again Tim and I were delighted to attend the recent concert and Rudolf played with such grace and virtuosity in spite of his back problems. I hope he was able to enjoy his stay and that his healing with continue successfully.   Thanks also for introducing us twice to the wonderful music of Farrenc. We also loved the piece by Ollivier-Phillipe. All in all it was a most amazing concert. Cheers, Diane and Tim

Dear Hans,

We are so spoilt, two highlights in one program 21 February. The ever stunning Mr Koelman (does this angel never age ???) and just simply dazzling music from his violin, we were spellbound with just enough emotional energy left to applaud.

And the Cuneo piece was another delight, this young man has produced new music which held our attention with its unfolding and dramatic progress, he is indeed a bright star.

Very best to you and Natalie,

Terry Rayner & Henk van Oosten

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
Liz Chee (oboe), Ashley Smith (clarinet), Julia Brooke (horn), Adam Mikulicz (bassoon)

Haydn – Symphony 22 
Smalley – Footwork
Mozart – sinfonia concertante f0r Winds

Saturday, 5 December 3pm @ Wesley Church, Perth City
Sunday, 6 December 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

That was a great concert today, Hans.  The Mozart was quite exhilarating, and we really enjoyed the Smalley.  Many thanks to all concerned. This was our first experience at the Freo Town Hall.  A splendid venue.  
Dear Hans, Congratulations to you and all concerned for yet another superb concert. The Haydn was interesting and educative, the Smalley was delightful (I love tango and wonder whether he was nodding in the direction of Piazzolla), and the Mozart was simple sublime. I wish you could have played the slow movement again as an encore!
Chris Wortham

Mark Coughlan (conductor & soloist)
Voyces (choir)

MozartSymphony 40 
Martucci – Notturno 
Beethoven – Choral Fantasy

Saturday, 26 September 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall
Sunday, 4 October 4pm @ Government House Ballroom

Bravissimo Hans Thanks for the wonderful concert and exhilirating finale last weekend in downtown freo – what a shame it was a long weekend when the western suburbanites are all down south. Enjoy another standing ovation from a full ballroom this Sunday. We’d love to come again but will be away. Hope you have a good break after this, maestro warm regards

Ollivier-Philippe Cunéo  (conductor )
Sally Boud & Geoffrey Bourgault du Coudray (soloists)

MozartSymphony 25 
Bruch – Concerto for Clarinet and viola
Beethoven – Coriolanus OvertureSchubert – Symphony 4

Saturday, 25 July 3pm @ Perth Town Hall
Sunday, 26 July 3pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Hi Hans the concert yesterday was superb!! Thanks for all your wonderful work. When I heard the Bruch I immediately recognized it as a Swedish folk song which I know very well, so I googled it and found this: I searched google for: connection between Bruch concerto for viola and clarinet 1st movt and Ack, Värmland du sköna? (of course I knew the name of the Swedish song so it came up first shot! I mentioned this to Sally and Geoff and would like to send this on to them, but I do not have their email addresses. Would you be kind enough either to send it on to them, or give me one of both of their email addresses as I said I would be contacting them anyway, about another matter. This is what came up under Wikapaedia: “The song is about the county “Värmland” in Sweden. The song was subsequently incorporated 1846 in Fredrik August Dahlgren’s play “Värmlänningarna” (The Värmlandians). In Sweden, this composition is often performed as an anonymous treasure of the Swedish folksong tradition. The melody was ‘borrowed’ in its entirety by Max Bruch in the 1st movement of his Concerto for clarinet, viola and orchestra, Op 88. Bruch composed it in 1911 for his son, Max Felix Bruch, and the work received its first performance in 1912.” Thanks Hans and Nats for all your work! Judy

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
Emily Leung (soloist)

Schubert – Overture in the Italian Style
Mendelssohn – Violin concerto in E
Farrenc – Symphony 1

Saturday, 6 June 3pm @ Wesley Church, Perth City
Sunday, 7 June 4pm @ Fremantle Town Hall

Dear Hans,
A word of thanks to say how much my husband and I enjoyed yesterday’s concert. We thought Emily Leung’s playing Mendelssohn’s violin concerto was superb and look forward to following her career.
We have been attending the FCO concerts for a few years.  Thank you so much for all the work and effort you and your family put into the Orchestra’s organisation – it must be a huge effort, but very much appreciated.
Best wishes.
Denise & Neville Marchant

Free 10th Anniversary Outdoor Concert

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
Fiona Cooper-Smyth (soprano), Penny Shaw (soprano), Mark Coughlan (piano)
• Beethoven: 5th 1st movement, Piano Concerto 1: 1st Movement
• Verdi: Traviata: Prelude
• Meale: Cantilena Pacifica
• Piazzolla: Verano Porteno
• Beethoven: 5th 4th movement
• Mozart:
Don Giovanni Overture
• Offenbach: 
Tales of Hoffmann
• Mozart:
Figaro: Porgi Amor
• Mozart: Queen of the Night
• Puccini: 
Gianni Schicchi: o mio babbino
Delibes: Lakme flower duet
• Marquez: Danzon 2

11 April 2015 @ 7:30pm Notre Dame University

Andrew and I want to “hug” both of you to show our appreciation for all you both do to make events like last Saturday’s possible. We enjoyed it immensely and can only imagine how much time and effort went in to rescheduling too. Looking forward to dinner this coming Saturday where hopefully you can both relax and enjoy some time out. Please let us know what we can bring along to contribute (besides the obligatory wines!) and what time suits you for us to come over.  Thanks again guys for being so generous. Xxx
Kind regards, Lyn

Congratulations to you and the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra on an extremely successful concert on Saturday evening! Musically it was outstanding and the change of venue did the performance no disservice in terms of sound quality.  Overall, it worked very well. The sudden move from the Fremantle Arts Centre, because of the extremes weather, did no damage to the attendance, with the Drill Hall absolutely packed out! During the concert it was good to have the pounding rain on the roof rather than on our persons. Best wishes Chris Wortham

Rudolf Koelman plays Prokofiev

Christopher Dragon (conductor)
• Mozart: Don Giovanni Overture
• Prokofiev: Violin Concerto 1
• Mozart: Abduction from the Seraglio Overture
• Haydn: Symphony 88

Saturday 31 January 2015: Government House Ballroom @ 3pm (finish at 4:45, air-conditioned)
Sunday 1 February 2015: Fremantle Town Hall @ 3pm (finish at 4:45, air-conditioned)

What a wonderful concert, dare we say, one of the best we have experienced. Your new conductor is both dynamic and full of energy, and such an engaging personality, he must be quite challenging to work with. Under his direction, the orchestra responded right from the first notes with perfect unison and a full strings sound thus producing a bright and fresh Mozart. It took a while, but we eventually realised we were hearing a different orchestra. Mr Koelman continues to astound with his musicality, the Prokofiev is not exactly child’s play. But he actually made it easy to hear what the composer intended with absolute clarity of dare I critique Mr K.????

We hope that Sundays concert becomes part of a future recording available for purchase.

We have also made a donation to the Orchestra Fund.

Thank you both for a lovely concert.  Terry Rayner & Henk van Oosten

Great concert Hans. FCO getting better all the time and The Dragon rocks! And Rudolf- what can I – or anyone say? To use any word – other than sublime – would be ridiculous.

Well I saw the  FCO with Rudolf Koelman last Saturday at Govt House Ballroom. It does not get much better than that. Superb music and a much loved conductor. Many thanks James 

My wife and I went to the Government House Ballroom to see the FCO and Rudolf Koelman and thoroughly enjoyed it. We went due to the feature article in the local paper. Please put us on the mailing list for future concerts. We will be at the Mendelssohn Violin concerto in June – one of my favourites Kind regards Frank Rochelle

On Des’s behalf I went with a friend to the concert in the Fremantle Town Hall yesterday.  It was absolutely fabulous.  Not only was Rudolf Koelman marvellous but the conductor had a lovely personality which came across to the audience as well.  I also bought a CD which was conducted by Jessica Gethin.  Des used to follow Sophie Walker around to her various concerts – so much so that I called him a Sophie groupie!!  I have played the new CD and really like it.  Music is such an emotional medium I have to be careful what I play or can get a bit weepy.  Best wishes to you and your family

Patricia Gurry  XX

Shaun Lee plays Beethoven

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
4 October 2014 Saturday 3pm Wesley Church, Perth City (cnr William & Hay St)
5 October 2014 Sunday 3pm Fremantle Town Hall
• Arriaga: Symphony in D
Beethoven: Violin Concerto

We thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s concert performance and once again count our lucky stars to have people like you and Natalie enriching our musical lives and bringing such talent to our doorstep. Thank you again. We saw how the banging was causing you concern but Chris and the chamber orchestra were the perennial professionals and worked through it brilliantly. And how wonderful the source was discovered and remedied before the exquisite second movement was played! We look forward to the next event. Have a nice day. Kind regards, Lyn  

Absolutely fantastic; looking forward to more.  Thank you  Amido

Loved your performance today!!! very inspiring. Eversley Ruth Mortlock

On Des’s behalf I went to the concert in the Freo Town Hall on 5 October at 3pm.  It was a fantastic concert and despite all the difficulties parking etc I am so glad I went.  Des has hundreds of CD’s here and I have been listening to them but Beethoven in particular makes me all weepy.  Luckily the violinist on Sunday was so amazing that weeping didn’t happen!! The audience were fantastic too – they were very quiet (no coughing etc) and the applause afterwards nearly brought the roof down.  Kindest regards Patricia Gurry

Congratulations to Chris, Shaun and the orchestra for an excellent programme, magnificent ensemble – so much so that I went on both days and really enjoyed it both times, except for the dreadful intrusion of the slamming window.  I have known the Arriaga for many years and it was a joy to hear it live for the first (and second!!) time.  Please keep up your great orchestral offerings.



Heidemarie Wiesner plays Beethoven

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
26 July 2014 Saturday 3pm Wesley Church, Perth City
27 July 2014 Sunday 3pm Fremantle Town Hall
Mendelssohn: Beautiful Melusine Overture
Beethoven: Piano Concerto 4
• Haydn: Symphony 101 “The Clock”

We really enjoyed the concert today! Bravo. Well chosen program. I hope you were all happy with it and not too many dramas. How come the pianist comes to Perth? I hope there was a good audience in Perth as well yesterday. All the best Deborah

Jonathan Bradley plays Beethoven

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
Saturday 10 May 2014 Wesley Church, Perth City @ 3pm
Sunday 11 May 2014 Fremantle Town Hall @ 3pm
• Handel: concerto grosso Op6 No7
Beethoven: Piano concerto No2
Copland: Appalachian Spring
The concert on Sunday was marvellous.  I thought that Jonathan Bradley and the FCO gave one of their best concerts. I just thought that I would mention that re-ordering the program might have been more effective .  The Appalachian Spring with the reduced ensemble would have been a good opener.  The Handel was a fairly pensive piece (unusual for Handel) and would have been good leading into the interval. The Beethoven , of course, was the highlight of the concert (for me).  Having it on its own, after the interval, would have blown the audience away and sent them home with big smiles.  It really was a masterful performance.
My opinion, for what it’s worth. Everyone is a critic.  But,  I really did enjoy your playing.
Best Regards,
Ari Antonovsky

Rudolf Koelman plays Tchaikovsky

Christopher van Tuinen (conductor)
Saturday 1 February 2014 Government House Ballroom @3pm
Sunday 2 February 2014 Fremantle Town Hall @3pm
•  Wagner: Siegfried Idyll
•  Tchaikovsky: “souvenir d’un lieu cher”
•  Mendelssohn: Symphony No 4 “Italian”
We are quite lost for superlatives but suffice to say yesterday’s concert was a joy to experience, a wonderful program of music rarely heard in concert and played from the heart, and of course, the Divine Mr K who silenced us all with “souvenir” and then proceeded to stop us nearly breathing with his exquisite encore of a Bach andante.
What an uplifting afternoon, Hans and Natalie, you both must  be so elated with dreams coming true, why bother climbing Mt Everest after this?
Our best wishes, we are very happy for you.
Terry & Henk
My husband and I attended your concert this afternoon at government house and enjoyed it very much.
Will you please put this email address on your fCO mailing list.
Thank you!
The concert today was fabulous: The orchestra played so well, and Rudolph was simply beautiful to listen to! Congratulations!
Kind regards,
We enjoyed the concert immensely. Regards, and our thanks to you and FCO.

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